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Kenyans Are Becoming More Depressed, Angry & Hopeless Due To High Taxes -NCCK

By Violet Omasaja 

The Kenya Kwanza administration is allegedly taxing Kenyans more heavily every day forcing a majority of them into depression and hopeless, this is according to the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK).

Addressing the press at Kabula Pastoral Center after the NCCK’s Western region elections, Seth Agala, the region’s chairperson, denounced the government’s callousness and demanded that the NADCO report of the National Assembly be made accessible as well as public input on suggested modifications.

“It is unfair to increase taxes so as to match those of developed and fast world countries while the government is not providing first world services, the people spend their incomes to cover for services and infrastructure that is not providing,” Agala said.

Seth Agala, the Western region’s NCCK chairperson.

To make the sugar industry more farmer-centric and give them full authority over the entire production, processing, and sales process, NCCK suggests a drastic overhaul.

“I call upon the county governments and non- governmental organizations to partner to work with our communities to identify other high potential crops that can grow in the Western counties to diversify the livelihoods of the farmers. Our people are crying for freedom from the persistent bondage to middlemen and obsolete technologies,” he stated.

He said that in order to diversify livelihoods, they also urge county governments and non-governmental groups to collaborate with local populations in order to identify new high-potential crops.


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