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45% Of School Going Children Are In Child Labour -TdH NL 2022

By Reuben Olita 

Forty-five percent of school-going children are in child labour, Mr Evans Munga, the project manager of TdH Nethelands, has revealed.

Mr Munga was making his presentation during the opening day of a three-day worksop for journalists on the
their role in raising awareness of child labour, and forced Labour.

He said the highest poverty levels in the county, which currently standards at 83%, is contributing to the increase in child labour cases with six cases lying in court.

Munga said Matayos and Teso North with Teres Des Homes supporting 10 schools in Teso North and similar number in Matayos Sub county, adding that there are five childless clubs with five mentors in each of the sub county under the mentorship of headteacher and two teachers teaching learners on skills parenting.

Munga said six out of 10 people in Kenya are involved in child labour and are engaged in activities like sand harvesting, fish loading, saloon, barber shops, house chores, shamba boys, construction and hawking.

” Poverty are drivers of child labour. Oversight is critical component with media, playing a pivotal role by creating awareness, and people need to be enlightened.

County Director for Childrens’ Services, Esther Wasige regretted that there is no effective implementation of the existing laws, noting the laws should be implemented to the letter.

Ms. Wasige said there is an urgent need to harmonise the existing laws, including Employment and Children Act, adding that preservation of evidence is very important.

Mr Amos Makori said Busia is porous border with most unsafe migration for labour exploitation trafficking experienced, noting that there is need for strengthened implementation of child labour laws and policies in the service industry.

Child labour refers to exploitation of children who are deprived of their childhood by work that prevent them from attending school or causes physical, mental, and social harm.


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