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Lusaka Shines in Budget Transparency Survey

By Governor Lusaka Press Unit 

Bungoma County has been recognized as the third most transparent county in the budget-making process according to the County Budget Transparency Survey (CBTS) 2023.

This is after Kwale and Makueni Counties emerged first and second.


Governor Ken Lusaka after receiving an award.

The survey revealed that Bungoma County made significant strides in budget transparency, improving its overall score and establishing itself among the top-performing counties in the country.

For the first time in four years, Bungoma County published all four quarterly budget implementation reports, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to fiscal transparency. This accomplishment positions Bungoma as the leading county in making budget implementation reports publicly available.

According to the CBTS 2023, Bungoma County scored 78 out of 100 points, a marked improvement from the 52 points scored in 2022.

This jump reflects the county’s efforts to enhance the availability and comprehensiveness of key budget documents.

The county was commended for the information it provides on public participation.

Speaking at the award ceremony held at the Serena Hotel in Nairobi, Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka emphasized the need to further improve public participation.

“It is only through public participation that citizens can feel part of the development process and ensure the prudent use of resources,” he said.


The governor used the opportunity to call on the National Assembly to stop blankety rebuking counties, urging them to address corruption at individual levels.

Governor Lusaka noted that devolution had gradually improved over the years and that citizens are experiencing development at the county level.


Bungoma was recognized provided detailed feedback on public input that clarified the justification for adopted inputs and indicated whether they influenced final budget decisions.

This transparency helped demonstrate the impact of public contributions and justify decisions to adopt or reject specific inputs.

The county was also praised for providing comprehensive details on revenue sources and targets in key budget documents, such as the Annual Development Plan and the approved Programme-Based Budget, which are essential for transparency and effective public participation.

The top ranking was also attributed to the county’s practice of ensuring that all key budget documents are published on time. According to IBP Kenya, this practice supports effective decision-making and maintains the county’s commitment to transparency.

Bungoma County’s impressive performance in the CBTS 2023 underscores its commitment to transparency and accountability in public finance.


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