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Omitting School Feeding Programmes In 2024/25 Budget Will Affect Students -Mukenya

By Violet Omasaja 

According to the Bungoma County Children Rights Network Association, the vote head for the school feeding plan has been omitted from the 2024/25 budget, despite Kenya’s proposal to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), which will harm many pupils.

Speaking in Bungoma town after a three-day workshop for civil society networks from the lake region to conduct universal periodic reviews (UPR), John Mukenya, chairman of Bungoma County Children Rights Network, and his team confirmed that some of the government’s education programs in the country have been partially implemented while feeding programe being eliminated.


“The discontinuation of the school feeding program implies that some of certain pupils who have benefited from the program will no longer be able to access it beginning in the following financial year.Said Mukenya.

The panel evaluated Kenya’s educational commitments from the 2020 ‘s UPR report such as providing free and compulsory basic education, ensuring gender equality, and addressing funding, infrastructure and development .

They discovered that certain programs have been partially created, but the captions are inadequate to meet the needs of the students and are not being released on time. They also questioned how the government was delivering on its promises to ensure educational equality and the school food program.


The organization is ensuring that their voice is heard by filing reports as CSOs and investigating the government’s commitments under observer nations and the UNHRC.

The Forum for African Women Educationists Kenya (FAWE) is collaborating to address early childhood education issues.They’re advocating for ECD placement and implementing government-recommended programs, such as getting adolescent mothers back into school.

John Mukenya

“We as are partnering with the government to make sure education sector is on the pic and School feeding is one of the key factors to retention of learners to school,” said Lorah Doresi FAWE Kenya member.

To ensure that students have access to education, they are also looking into new sectors and have examined budgetary allocations to help with


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