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Join Technical Colleges To Gain Skills, Wamamili Urges Parents, Youths

By Violet Grade

Parents and young people who were unable to attend university are now expected to participate in technical college education to gain life skills.

Dr. David Wamamili, Education CECM in Bungoma County and Christine Wamala underlined the value of technical education.

Speaking at a meeting held at Bakisa technical college in Mihuu ward, Bungoma East subcounty, minister of education in Bungoma county, Dr. David Wamamili, stated that knowledge gained from those technical colleges has benefited many people in society.


“Technical and vocational training is the answer to the progress of every citizen in our missed careers,and an opportunity to grow our skills.”Said Dr. Wamamili.

Furthermore, he stated that graduates will be able to be self-employed as a result of the skills they have obtained, providing job opportunities and lowering unemployment among them, as well as development to combat poverty and conserve the environment in the country.

Christine Wamalwa emphasized this point, dismissing the notion that technical and vocational training were intended for persons who had failed their education.

Leaders from the United States, notably Tummy Kofman, who financed the constructions, have praised the collaboration and committed to continue helping young people.

Dismas Wakala, a former Namwela County Assembly Member, advised parents to be in the forefront for issues concerning their childrens’ education.

On the other side, Dr.Khakina praised the county administration and its leaders for resolving the matter of water shortage within the region.


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