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Khabusie Hit Maker ,Opeta Wa Musungu To Perform Live At ‘Blue Vibe Lounge’ Misikhu

A renowned Luhya Musician Opeta wa Musungu, the Khabusie Hit Maker and other lovely songs will be a guest artist at Blue Vibe Lounge in Misikhu town.
The town lies on the busy Webuye- Kitale highway.
Speaking to Horizon News, BLUE VIBE LOUNGE proprietor Prezda Jofri Wasilwa confirmed that the great artist will be performing live on Saturday 25th May 2024.
“I host local musicians to promote local talent, this is the only platform where we grow each other,” he said.
Prezda added, “I have hosted steve Kay, Sammy Mang’ara and Luhyia Explossion Band last Saturday, tomorrow am hosting the darling of many, Khabusie hit maker Opeta wa musungu,”.
He said that he was doing it to promote local talents. And will be hosting local musicians every Saturday.
He called on residents to turn up in large numbers and promote local musicians.
“You are all invited to Blue Vibe Lounge Misikhu for a great entertainment, lots of drinks and traditional food, come one, come all,” said Prezda.
Prezda is a great audio and video producer based in Webuye town and has been on the forefront promoting local talent in Western Kenya through his Teknik Studios.

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