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20,000 Agrienterpreneuers To Be Employed Prio To The Establishment Of Edible Crude Oil Industry In Bungoma

By Violet Grade.

On Madaraka Day  20,000 extensionist agents, called agrienterprenuers were launched in the country,which will be an industry-based approach.

According to Dr.Dominic Menjo food security advisor from the office of the president,agripreneuers will work with specific farmers driven by the market demand for their products rather than just training them hoping that they will implement what they have been trained.

“Its in contrary with extension where by the farmers where just trained,in this agrienterpreneuer will work with the farmers through out the whole process from land preparation to final produce which is the crude oil,”he said.

Dr. Dominic Menjo food security advisor from the office of the president addressing the media.

He further explained that since devolution, extension was brought down to counties and it has became a challenge to counties due to inadequacy in funding and unemployment.

The team in BETTA and the council developed an industry-driven extension model, incubated by the national government which will take 18 months thereafter the company is believed to be able to take care of these farmers ensuring job creation and high productivity.

Each agriprenuer is linked to 350 farmers, ensuring productivity in the value chains assigned to them. By encouraging local farmers to grow these crops, there will be creation of new income opportunities and reduce our reliance on imported goods. Additionally, the cultivation of these crops can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable agriculture practices.

“This approach is a game changer, shifting from training farmers to working with them to meet market demand this will be achieved through the exercise we have started which is ensuring proper coverage of the areas assigned for planting,” he noted.

Agrienterprenuer will be linked to the hectares needed for planting according to Dr.Menjo,1000hectars of land has been allocated in each ward and the county is divided into about 18,000 farms, each with a trained young person in agriculture.

They work through a digital system called Kiamis and adk, registering farmers across the country.Thereafter they will be working with the same farmers they registered making sure they access neccessary farm equipments and funds so as to improve produce to meet market demand.


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