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Bungoma Plans To plant 19.3 million trees annually in an effort to mitigate climate change -KFS

By Violet Omasaja
Erick Abungu, the forest conservator for Bungoma County, has said that the region will plant 19.3 million trees a year in an effort to mitigate climate change.
Additionally, he underlined that fruit trees, which have a high export demand and improve human health, should make up 30% of the 15 billion trees planted as part of President William Ruto’s effort.
To guarantee that Kenya reaches the goal of planting 15 billion trees by 2032, the head of state President William Ruto is spearheading the tree-planting initiative.
Abungu emphasized the need of including fruit trees because they significantly enhance people’s lives and health.
He asked the residents of Bungoma to go to any tree nursery run by the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) and select seedlings to plant.
“Currently in our tree nurseries we have 4. 2 million seedlings, I would urge Bungoma residents to visit any Kenya Forest Service (KFS), group and Individual tree nurseries so that you are able to pick seedlings to plant,” he said.
The goals of the Kenya Forest Service are to safeguard, conserve, and ecosystem management that is sustainable.
Alfred Khang’ati, the board chair of the Nzoia Sugar Company, encouraged the villagers and employees to support the company’s goal of planting 50,000 tree seedlings this fiscal year.
In addition, the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) have so far planted 3,000 trees as part of the company’s tree-planting initiative.
To preserve ecosystems, Yogak, a youth-led initiative, and Masinde Muliro University (MMUST) collaborated to plant 200,000 tree seedlings in the Kaberwa forest on Mount Elgon.
Since the effects of climate change are being felt by everyone, environmental experts emphasized the importance of planting trees in the Mt Elgon ecosystem.
The President’s command to make the nation greener is extended by this effort.
 The manager of the forest station praised the youth group for their decision to plant trees there, saying that it is an expansion of the president’s order to green the nation.

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