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Ole Sapit : Let’s revive collapsed industries to empower farmers

Seliphar Musungu, Kakamega  

Head of Anglican church in Kenya Arch Bishop Jackson Ole Sapit has asked both county government and national government to pay attention in reviving more market avenues like Mumias Sugar Company for farmers in Kakamega County since it will encourage them to produce more cash crops and generate income for themselves.

Addressing the Press after a visit at Mumias Sugar Company, Bishop Ole Sapit said that the two governments have a duty to make sure that they work together and come up with ideas that will favor farmers who depend on these factories like Mumias for their survival by coming up with more factories and cash crops instead depending on importing goods from other countries.

“It’s a great joy to see Mumias Sugar Company on its feet again. I will urge the county and national government to work together and come up with more factories like Mumias Sugar Company that will help Kakamega county locals to generate income and earn a living.” Said Ole Sapit    

Mumias Sugar company manager Steve Kihumba said that Mumias Sugar is back to its usual activities of sugar production and soon the packages will be back on the market.  He urged sugarcane farmers to continue supplying sugarcane to the factory and the payments will be ready in less than one week.  

“We have started crushing 1500-2000 tons of cane per day and the package  will be getting to your shelves soon.” Said Kihumba  

Kihumba, who has claimed not to be part of the demonstrations carried out by former Mumias Sugar Company employees, urged them to follow the direct channel while presenting their complaints.

 “Am not part of the demonstrations done by the former employees of this company and I will advise them to direct their grievances to the Receiving manager to be sorted out.” Said Kihumba  



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