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Why Evaline Nafula, mother who gave birth to quintuplets in Kakamega died

Seliphar Musungu, Kakamega

Ever heard of Everline Namukhula, the 38-year-old woman from Kakamega County who gave birth to quintuplets? If not, here is a brief recap.

Namkhula’s tale dates way back to 2019 when she gave birth to quintuplets making her a mother to 9 children. Her art attracted several allies including politicians who came in handy to help her in raising her children.

One week later, she developed health problems; she was transferred from Kakamega general hospital to Moi teaching and referral hospital in Eldoret.

She died 3 weeks later of what doctors termed as lack of enough blood.

3 years later, we take a look at the progress of his remaining family.

It’s 9 a.m. when County Splash crew arrives at Mwikhunda village, Navakholo constituency, home to the late Everline Namkhula.

Judith Indimuli, sister to Namkhula welcomes us, she leads us inside a semi-permanent house whose walls are full of cracks, “Welcome in”, She says. We introduce ourselves and 3, 20litres jerry cans are handed to us to be used as seats.

Of Namkhula’s 9 children, Judith lives with 5 of them, a task she says is burdening her considering that she’s already a mother to four children.

"Namkhula gave birth to 5 children, two died, one died one week after he was born while the other one died three weeks after her mother's death", said Indimuli.

We sort of know how life has been given that the county government of Kakamega had promised to help Namkhula raise his children including paying their school fees.

“After Namkhula’s death, Namkhula’s husband secured a job with the county government of Kakamega as a casual laborer, he used to cut grass around Kakamega town while his family was entitled to a monthly stepped of a thousand shillings and some pampers a move aimed to help cuter the cost of raising the infants”, She added.

However, 9 months later, the county government withdrew its support from the family alleging that they only had an agreement of a 9 month contract.

“The burden was heavy, I was forced to take some of the children to my mother to help me raise them”, added Indimuli.

Indimuli fails to understand why she was betrayed even with the most prominent people including the former county’s governor and senator.

"Have tried reaching them several times but no one has come to my aid, some have been forced to stay home for over a term for I lack money to pay for their school fees while sometimes we are forced to go hungry for lack of money" she said.

Currently, Judith works as a casual laborer by fetching water for his neighbors to get money for both his family and his sister’s.

“My call is for good Samaritans and well-wishers to intervene and help me make Namkhula’s children achieve their dreams.



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