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Natembeya Establishes Interim Committee To Oversee Operations At The Kitale Bus Terminus

By Mercy Buyanzi

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya has established an interim committee to oversee operations at the Kitale Bus terminus following the chaos that led to its two-day closure on Monday.

The committee will comprise the county director of enforcement and a representative from the matatu owners association, the directors, the hawkers and another one from the Bod Boda sector.

The committee will ensure there is sanity in the running of day-to-day activities at the terminus in a move aimed at ending the operations of a nine-member racket which was calling shots at the facility.

“We are not going to leave hooligans to run the affairs of this public facility which is meant to offer services to all. The interim committee will spearhead reforms in the running of affairs at the facility,” Governor Natembeya addressed stakeholders of the facility at the Kitale town hall grounds.

Operations at the bus terminus came to a standstill on Monday when rival groups of Touts and Boda Boda riders clashed in a violent face-off that saw several individuals injured.

The menace prompted the closure of the facility for two days to pave the way for the restructuring of the leadership where ring leaders of the racket that was running the affairs were kicked out.

Stakeholders who attended the meeting gave an account of how the facility has been turned into a private enterprise by those who were in charge of its affairs with every new Matatu operator having to pay some extortion fee.

New operators pay some sh 300, 000 operation fee before they are allowed to have their vehicles operate within the terminus which was put up by the county government using taxpayers’ money.

“There are individuals who enrich themselves by collecting money from motorists at the bus park in an extortion system yet the county government has a role of managing the affairs of this facility,” said Mr Estoria Wanjala.

County Secretary Truphosa Amere, CEC Trade Stanley Kirui, CEC Lands Janerose Mutama, CEC Roads and Public Works Jackson Amboka among others.


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