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Bungoma Businessman Rescues A Patient, Gets Him Specialized Treatment 

Horizon News Reporter

A Nairobi and Bungoma based businessman has saved the life of a helpless patient and got him Specialized Treatment.

The patient identified has Martin Njasi from Kamukuywa in Kimilili constituency had been bedridden at Kimilili sub county hospital for  a couple of days without treatment because he could not afford the high charges.

Businessman Lendrix Waswa after getting the information, used his members to rescue the man and took him to Life care hospital in Bungoma town where Doctors operated on him and restored his backache.

“He was in bad shape when we reached him, he couldn’t barely walk and was wheeled in a wheel chair to board our vehicle for the next medical facility,” said CBS Wamoto, Lendrix’s right hand man.

Ole Njasi the tallest guy

Njasi has been on and off the medical facilities complaining of backache problems which has not been corrected for a long time.

The 50 year old man did not disclose the cause of the disease that had chained him into the wheel chair but the effort by the flamboyant businessman has seen him walk again.

Apart from taking him for specialized treatment, the businessman also cleared his medical bill at Kimilili sub county hospital.

Wamoto stated that when they took him to Life care hospital for treatment, the patient was very happy adding that he had been abandoned because of the families poor back ground.

Lendrix called on elected leaders to deal with emergency issues instead of leaving their voters pass through hell whenever they face life challenges.


After a long day with doctors at Bungoma refferal hospital I can confirm here that our brother martin ole njasi is back on his feet …

Chairman lendrix waswa let God be on your side- wrote Wamoto.

“Oteba and wamoto make a follow up and let me know assap, we need to be there for each other and that’s what we call friendship sio siasa tu 48hrs na hakuna usaidizi,” Lendrix had written earlier on after receiving the information on the patient’s status.

Ole Njasi wrote

Flamboyant businessman Lendrix Waswa

County flash is not just another blog wall. It’s a cradle, lifestyle, a broad kinship. I’ve learnt it the practical way.

It began with a comment here.@⁨Wekola⁩ noticed some drain in my tone and got concerned.

Shortly we had an adriot conversation. He is an exceedingly witty student of emotional intelligence.

Soon I loosened up and shared with him about my frail health and the toll it was taking on me….

I had been hit by a peripheral Neuropathy wave and was in dire need of medical intervention.

He escalated it here a it caught the indisputable and incomparable chairman’s @⁨Lendrix⁩ attention.Orders were given, instructions were taken and the rest is unbelievable.

My bills in Kimilili Sub County Hospital were sorted coordinated by @⁨Oti Oteba⁩ ,@⁨Wamoto⁩ and @⁨Caleb Kundu⁩. 

Ambulance fee was paid, MRI and CT Scan fee at Life Care,Admission at Bungoma County Referral Hospital, Consultation fee thorough physiotherapy,acquisition of a Lumbar Cosette Belt and Medication.

End result I’m on my feet once more.

Good people is this not incredible??

I’m back on my feet.

Chairman @⁨Lendrix⁩ I’ll never find the right words to appropriately articulate my singular appreciation.

Thank you a trillion for giving me a second lease of life.

I owe you the world.

May Divine fortitude and Providence be evidenced in all your pursuits.

Ahsante sana Chairman @⁨Lendrix⁩ and the entire Mighty CF fraternity.

God bless.🙏🙏


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