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‘Better fewer but better ‘ Governor Nyong’o to ODM MPs after State House Visit

By Iptisam Abdalla, Kisumu

Governor of Kisumu, Prof. Anyang nyong’o rebukes a section of ODM Mps for attending statehouse meeting with President William Ruto on Tuesday morning without the party’s consent.

He says that he is not surprised by their rebellious act and describes them as ”an amalgam of self centered MPs”

He further cautions the ODM leadership to remember  Lenin’s warning. “After all in a revolutionary situation such as the one staring us in the face in Kenya it is helpful for the ODM leadership to remember Lenin’s warning .”

Prof. Anyang’ nyongo quotes   renowned political Russian Marxist  Vladmir  Lenin’s writings ”BETTER FEWER BUT BETTER’ Lenin was known for proposing the establishment of  dictatorship of the protectariat led by a revolutionary vanguard party as a political prelude to the establishment of communism. He warned against haste and sweeping measures in leadership.


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