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Embrace CBC to overcome the hurdles of Climate Change and Drug Abuse

Seliphar Musungu, Kakamega

As the country undergoes a climate change crisis, parents and teachers have been called upon to come up with ways to help pupils on how to take care of the environment as well as tree planting.

As a way of making this possible, pupils from Jabstir academy in Kakamega town conducted a peaceful demonstration to educate the community on ways of participating in conservation of environment and how to deal with climate change in the country through a competent based curriculum CBC.

Embrace CBC to overcome the hurdles of Climate Change and Drug Abuse

Pupils led by their teacher Dennis Sungu said that their main aim is to find ways of making the environment look better so our work is to encourage conservation of environment and I encourage parents and every one about it

“We made this walk in order to encourage the masses on how to keep our environment safe and to deal with climate change since our environment is at risk. Environmental consciousness is good for our future.” Said Sungu

Chris Andove, one of the teachers, said that if the next generation will collaborate in creating awareness our country will attain its objectives of conservation of environment.  

“It is important to include students in such activities like planting trees, conservation at an early stage so that they can grow with that knowledge.” Said Andovu

Pupils who participated in the walk narrated the importance of them participating in such activities like environment conservation and drug abuse under CBC since it helped them to understand the importance and to know the side effects of it.

“Participating in this sensitization will help us to become good environmental ambassadors, mental illness and drug abuse which have advas effects on students like violence and school dropout.” From the pupils



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