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Mudavadi and Karua shares a stage in Kakamega


Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi on Saturday graced a golden jubilee ceremony of Bishop Emeritus of Kakamega Philip Sulumeti.  

Bishop Sulumeti who was celebrating his 50 years in service since he was first ordained as a catholic priest in the year 1972.

Brief speeches from the leaders started with the Kakamega governor Fernandez Barasa addressing the congregation and he invited Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi

Mudavadi narrated his first encounter with Sulumeti when he visited him in company of his wife to seek for his blessings before his wedding decades ago and he offered him a bottle of beer which he hesitated to receive.

“On a personal level when I was about to tie a note with my wife we visited bishop Sulumeti chambers and bishop Sulumeti gave us the blessings and approval that we can go ahead. However, there is something that he offered me that surprised me. He offered me a beer which I shied away from later to learn it was in good faith and what he meant was that those who partake should take it in small quantities so as not to lose their senses.” Said Mudavadi    

Mudavadi celebrated Bishop Sulumeti by saying that he was always ready to offer a helping hand in solving challenges in western region. He also acknowledged his contributions towards development of Kakamega including the construction of schools, health facilities like St Mary’s Mumias Mission Hospital.

“In education Bishop Sulumeti has played an important role in boasting most of the girls catholic schools in this region.” Said Mudavadi

He further assured Kenyans that the government is ready to serve each and every one despite their political affiliations.

“The elections are over, let us hold hands together, let us walk together and let us serve the people of Kenya together, let us put behind the political differences. We have a common destiny to serve the people of Kenya, to revive the economy of this country and we can only do it if we work together.” Said Mudavadi

Bishop Sulumeti was invited by the church to address the congregation where he appreciated the church and leaders for the event. At the end of his speech he requested to break the protocol by inviting Martha Karua to address the church.

Sulumeti said that during the constitution making he was in forefront in fighting for women and Martha Karua was his secretary and that he could not conclude  his speech without inviting her to address the church.

“We all should remember during the constitution I fought for women rights and you will all forgive me for breaking protocol by inviting Martha Karua to say something.” Said Sulumeti

Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua in her speech acknowledged the role played by bishop Sulumeti in enacting and correcting the 2010 constitution saying that his contribution was recognized and appreciated. She also thanked him for his great contribution to society.

“Leaders should honor the bishop for contributing immensely in our community and the gains made in the constitution.” Said Karua

Other leaders who graced the event were Kakamega Deputy Governor Ayub Savula, Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale among other leaders. 



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