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Barasa Tables Lusaka’s First Budget In The County Assembly


Department of Finance Bungoma county government, on Thursday tabled budget estimates for financial year 2023-2024 to the county assembly.

Finance & Economic planning CEC Chrispinus Barasa (Red tie)

In a new order that has never been seen before since inception of devolution, the CECM for Finance and economic planning, Chrispinus Barasa together with his two chief officers Dinnah Makokha and Edward Makhandia were present in the house to read out the Budget.

Previously the executive only used to give the written document without appearing to the floor of the house.

The standing orders of the assembly were however changed allowing the executive to appear in the house during the tabling.

In the colourful ceremony, the Budget concentrated on Governor Lusaka manifesto with agricultural and ward based projects taking the lion’s share.
Other big harvesters were department of roads and health.

The Members of the county assembly are expected in the next few days to deliberate on the budget.

This is Governor Lusaka first budget since he was elected and expected to deliver his campaign pledges.


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