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“We have set aside ksh 20 billion to our security agencies to fight crimes,banditry and terrorism in this region,” President Ruto

By Yvonne Chebeni, Mombasa

Ruto on 26th Feb in Lamu county stated that they are going to insure that the county is safe and every form of insecurity has been eradicated. Ruto stepped up the effort to cub cattle rattling in the country.

The head of state ordered all the herders to surrender the firearms to the police and instead use sticks to look after their livestocks saying firearms should be left in the arms of the police.

“Currently there is an intensive operation in the North-rift to get back illegal firearms owned by citizens therefore nobody should walk around with firearms in the name of they are using it to herd, use sticks”, Ruto said.

Ruto’s command came few days after an attack from the bandits which left five people dead while three kdf officers were injured in Samburu.

Hundreds have been killed and others have been forced to flee their homes due to fear of being attacked which has forced the police to intensify curfew in the affected area.

Ruto stated that his government is determined to fight crimes, banditry, terrorism and other forms of insecurity in the country by providing 20  billion to security agencies.

‘The money will be help to acquire enough equipments to help the agencies to fight and end insecurity in the country ”, said Ruto

He also spoke of a recent meeting in Mogadishu with foreign state heads and the aim of the meeting was to discuss the ways they are going to use to fight bandits and ensure that security of every citizen is a priority.

Lesuuda Naisula MP Samburu stated that there is still much to be done since the bandits are still planning attacks in the area despite the intensification of curfew in town. She said bandits are not in town.

“Our people are  being killed in broad daylight and livestock driven away yet you intensifying curfew in town, the bandits are not in town”, stated Lesuuda



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