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Youths being used to sabotage Azimio’s rally in Kisii County

By Atanas, Nairobi

On Friday February 17, a Rally was held at Gusii stadium  in Kisii county by the leaders of Azimio. The Rally was attacked by believed to be president Ruto’s goons. Four youths were injured  at Melee in Kisii.

Brawls broke out near Ram Hospital along Daraja Moja-Nyamataro bypass after several youths who had filtered out of Kisii County Assembly engaged the UDA youth with stones.

A police officer in riot gear also suffered slight injuries on the back after he was pelted with a stone.

On Saturday, February 18, Raila condemned the attacks even as he called for the immediate arrest of all those behind the incident.

“The attackers were led by a well-known jailbird and hardcore criminal with several warrants of arrest to his name, is an indication that we are back to rule by thuggery and hooliganism,” said Raila

Raila Odinga


“The victims in this attack were youth who attended the very peaceful Azimio rally in Kisii on Friday.” he added

The former Prime Minister said action must be taken against the said individuals.

He added that anyone who has an issue with the Azimio rallies should face them instead of their supporters.

“We will not allow state sponsored-hooliganism to take root in Kenya again and we will neither be cowed nor intimidated.”

Gaucho, who refers to himself as the president of the ghetto people,asked Raila to continue with demonstrations from Monday to Sunday

“The only new company we have is the demonstration company. Baba we need demonstrations from Monday to Sunday,” Gaucho said

On Sunday February 19, in his visit at hospital governor Simba Arati said that, “out of ten victims in the clashes, seven had injuries which were able to be treated. The remaining were fairly critical and had to be admitted. Two of the three had deep cuts to the scalp”

“I was at work as usual, I was attacked by a group of people who claimed to be working for president Ruto’s government and didn’t care about the county’s  government.  Motorbikes were attacked and seven destroyed completely,” one of the victims said

“I was also attacked and injured at my head. I was beaten and I still feel the pain right now,” another victim complained

Simba Arati also asked interior CS Kindiki to control his officers. According to him the gang attacking the people was protected by the police who should protect the people.

Senetor Edwin Sifuna tells Simba Arati, “ I don’t get why you let people harass Matiangi in Nairobi. These youths have told me to tell you that they want baba to sleep at night and not to pick calls that they have raided Matiangi’s home again. Give this youths two buses to go to Matiangi’s alone in Nairobi in any case the police try to come again they’ll  find them there.”



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