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41 year old man sentenced to a 10 year jail term by Kakamega Law Court over murder of his brother

By CountySplash, Kakamega

A 41 year old man has been sentenced to serve 10 years in jail by a Kakamega Court after he was found guilty of killing his brother

Kakamega High Court Judge, William Musyoka, convicted Shadrack Odindo of manslaughter of Benson Chapia on August 9,  2021, at Ebunyala village, Kisa West Location in Khwisero sub county.

Elijah Okwako, their father found the two quarelling and stepped in to separate them. The accused , who was holding a knife, cut his right middle finger which started bleeding and proceeded to stab his brother.

Attempts to take Chapia to hospital were in vain as he died before transport was found. His body was taken to Sonak Community Hospital Mortuary.

The squabbles began after the deceased returned home to a missing pair of shoes he had earlier washed that day.

The police rescued the accused from the pursuit of angered neighbors after locking himself in the house. He was taken to Khwisero police station.

Reports from Dr Dickson Muchana, the government pathologist, indicated that internal bleeding from stabs was the cause of death.

Odindo is said to have abused bhang and chang’aa and was found in possession of the same during his arrest.

According to the judge, Odindo breached section 203 of the constitution which states that any person who of malice aforethought causes death of another person by unlawful act or omission is guilty of murder.

In mitigation, the accused informed the  court that he has two children and  a wife who solely  depended on him.

The court gave him 14 days to appeal the sentence if dissatisfied.






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