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Kindiki refutes claims of sending police officers to raid Matiangi’s home

By Atanas Walila

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has dismissed claims that they sent elite police officers to arrest his predecessor, Fred Matiang’i.

On Thursday night ODM leader Raila Odinga raised an alarm that government had sent police officers to arrest Dr Matiang’i under unclear circumstances.

“This is completely unacceptable in our society; we are dealing with an illegal regime that usurped power and imposed to the people of Kenya.  They now want to use power of the police to terrorise senior citizens of this country,” said Raila when he went to shield Matiang’i from imminent arrest.

Dr. Fred Matiangi, the former Cabinet Secretary, The Ministry of Interior & Coordination of National Government

According to former Interior CS’s lawyer, Danstan Omari, police officers raided his client’s home seeking to arrest him.

But Kindiki said the government did not send anyone to arrest Matiang’i saying the reports on the media suggesting that elite police officers raided his home last night were false.

“This allegation is utterly false. No police officer(s) or any security agent from any government institution or department was dispatched to the home of Dr Matiang’i to arrest, harass or otherwise interfere with his Constitutional rights in any manner whatsoever,” said Prof Kindiki

Kindiki said that he has confirmed with all government bodies and found that no single law enforcing agency did such an act of sending officers to Dr Matiang’i’s home.

“I have confirmed with the command of the National Police Service (NPS), the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and all law enforcement agencies that none of them have any orders to look for the former Minister,” he said

He assured Kenyans that security agencies will not interfere with any citizen because of their political stand, but will focus on addressing the security challenges that the Nation is facing.

He appealed to anybody who has information about the raiding of ex-Cabinet Secretary’s home to file a statement in the nearest police station for an appropriate measure to be taken.




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