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Developing story: Kakamega County Assembly on fire as MCAs trade accusations over a money minting scam running into millions

At the centre of the storm is Butali/Chegulo ward MCA Kevin Mahelo

By Fidel Mbaraka, Kakamega

Kakamega County Assembly ward reps are trading barbs over dubious payments.

The ward reps in a heated argument in one of there WhatsApp Group, accused each other as well as the assembly leadership of embezzling public funds through fictitious payments. 

At the centre of the storm is Butali/Chegulo ward MCA Kevin Mahelo. See the chats below:- 

Butali/Chegulo ward MCA Kevin Mahelo

One of the MCAs poster : ‘You have a lot to do with forensic audit in the financial dealings for this assembly! No wonder the members have suffered this much.

I have afew questions 

One of the MCA posted :- What are the controls on payments ? Who approves payments how many signatories approve payments ! Does this mess only focus on one person that he had all the tokens to approve payments as he wishes !

Why did finance team fabricate bank statements? For heavens sake ? Why would someone fake bank statements to show the 12M balance yet he know very well that the 12M was shared ! 

Ksh6M transferred to the clerk of the assembly- who approved this for staff to be paid loans from the car and mortgage account ! at the expense of members!

Ksh 4m send to the sergeant at arms what was this money for ? 

Ksh 2M send to transferred with shady details of transfer to county assembly.

With all the above someone wants us to keep quite and praise finance office for the above dealings ! Really @⁨Hon Mahelo Chegulo⁩ even prayers won’t help you !

Another one posted : ‘Facts don’t lie I don’t need to be influenced to say the truth and am not scared of anyone the plans to finish me are allover calls being made by two members one from azimio and the other from kwanza are on record mobilising members to support theft ! Pesa mtakula and we will expose you at the same time,’

The debate even became hotter : ‘Just tell @⁨Hon Mahelo Chegulo⁩ that he needs some brains to lie ! All the calls you made to MCAs to convince them on stupid staff won’t scare I told you don’t come through corners face me directly and I will handle you with my balls !  We square out as men no skirt scouts’

The chats went on : '@⁨Hon Mahelo Chegulo⁩ My simple advise stay away from our discussion  on how to put our house in order. The force at hand you won’t stand. Secondly those two criminals  in assembly who ate 10%  commission  from laptrust …tsunami is loading…..Assembly fire!! fire! fire!

@⁨Hon Mahelo Chegulo⁩ can you explain to members about this payments you have been receiving as protection fee where does it fall !

See the cheque below:- 

Another MCA said ‘What about 

*LIROY CONTRACTORS LTD* Kshs 3.2m for Osanga no work done.

*Excellent consultancy* paid 6m for strategic plan and no work. 

Flame tree, Jaluma, Shammah among others for Beatrice paid over 10m

Ask about this...

Am telling you its gonna be messy

The debate continued: '@⁨Hon Chaprukha⁩ this is not a battle of who has stolen how much it’s clean up ! We will deal with anyone who has stolen! Let’s be objective this information that Mwanje and @⁨Hon Mahelo Chegulo⁩ when are giving, you also need to ask him on what basis has he been paying this amounts since he is out let’s give the speaker the support he needs ! Let’s clean the swamp ! Am not supporting anyone !

Our efforts to reach Mr Mahelo were fruitless as he did not answer our calls.

....more to follow...


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