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Eacc partners with Masinde Muliro University in war against graft

Seliphar Musungu, Kakamega

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has launched its process of scrutinizing and inspecting, administration and development of the higher learning institutions to find solutions to challenges affecting that sector as a way of fighting corruption in the education sector. 

Speaking after the launch at Masinde Muliro University in Kakamega town, Preventive Services Director Vincent Okong’o said that the objective of the process is to provide programs that are corruption free and to make resources manage prudently. 

“The main findings from these systems reviews are that sometimes we find loopholes in financial management and procurement that will create hazards for the way institutions of learning

and public bodies are managed. As a body what we do is to come in with recommendations that facilitate such institutions to come up with programs that are corruption free.” said Okong’o

Okong’o said that Masinde Muliro University acts as a critical pillar and that it handles a number of public resources that need to be managed well. 

In support of the statement from the directors, Commissioner Alfred Mushimba said that the commission is ready to work hand in hand with the university to see that the university is following the correct Chanel. As far as fighting corruption is concerned. 

“As a commission we are more interested in working with education institutions because we need a culture change from the institutions and we are going to partner with Masinde Muliro in system review, accountability and assessment because we have worked with other institutions like Ministry of education, TVET and KICD and we are in the process of partnering with more instructions.” Said Mushimba 

Vice chancellor of Masinde Muliro Solomon Shivairo said that like other institutions a lot of transactions happen at the university and developing their systems and that they will be glad to hear from the Commission if they were following the correct channel 

“We are a growing university where we are developing our systems and a lot of transitions are happening and we would like to know if we are doing a good job. University will benefit and we are glad that they are going to check out systems and documents if we are doing a good job.” Said Shivairo



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