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TRANSITION: The untold story of the late Mama Mary Musanga Mulamula


Mary Musanga Mulamula was born on October 21, 1965 and died died on 4Jun-2021. Her late parents were Mzee Adrian Golia and Mama Teresia Mukanzi. Mama Mary joined Chirobani Primary school in 1968 where she successfully completed her CPE.

 Mama Mary was a devoted farmer who enjoyed an active and healthy life. On May 20, this year, she was taken ill and admitted at Khayega Medical Clinic.

The late Mary Musanga Mulamula

She responded well to the treatment and was discharged two days later, to continue her recovery at home.

She relapsed and was rushed back to the clinic on Jun 1, 2021 where the medics stabilized her and then discharged on the same day. She was well but died suddenly on Jun 4th this year.

Mama Mary was married to the late Hunter Hosea Alusiola Mulamula. She was a loving mother to Silas Khamati, Sylvia Mulamula, Jemima Masitsa, Peter Alusiola and NiphresiaLumosi.

The late Mary Musanga Mulamula body after arriving at home

A mother-in-law to Charles, Nelly and Milly; She was a caring grandmother to Moffat, Bryton, Precious, Imgad, Nelson, Nelly, Joy, Keyler and Nelsie. She extended her motherly love to Caroline, Alex, Christian, Eunice, Esther, Mutenyo,Lillian, Masitsa and many others. Sibling to Queen, Fridah, Odilia, Rose and Evelyn.

 Sister-in-Law to the late Oscar Mulamula, the late Edwin Mulamula, Wycliffe Alusiola,the late Maureen Oggema and EdahXray.

The late Mary Musanga Mulamula (second right)

Daughter in-law to the late Mzee Peter Alusiola Mulamula and the late Rebecca Masitsa. Co-Wife to Debora, Jackline, Antonina, Letitia, Gladys and others.

Mama Mary was a faithful Christian, baptised in 1993 making her an associate member of Friends Church Mukhonje Village.

The late Mary Musanga Mulamula (standing)

Mama Mary Died at 55 Years old. She was a jovial, social and very warm. We lack the words to say farewell. We loved you but God loved you more. May the Almighty God rest your soul in eternal peace.


Sylvia Mulamula : A smile can hide the tears, a laugh can hide the pain, but nothing stops the longing for having you back! Mom you were special and will always remain in my heart. Rest well mama. Love you.

Locals at the home The late Mary Musanga Mulamula after her remains arrived from the morgue

Jemima Masitsa : The day you left and gained wings my heart just broke into two. I wish you could have stayed with me but Heaven needed you. If roses grow in heaven, Lord please pick a bunch for me, place them in my mom’s arm, tell her they are from Imgad, Joy and I. Mom you were very special; you did everything you could for us, you fought so hard to live but God wanted you to be with Him. Rest well mama. I love you. –

Peter Alusiola :  Dearest mom, God made you my mother and love made you my friend. Honestly, I’ll miss you forever. Love you.

 Niph :  I can’t accept the reality that you have gone, that will never hear your voice again, and I will never again see the beautiful smile, fare thee well. Love you.

 Imgad : Grandma (mummy as I was used to call you) your life was full of loving deeds, forever thoughtful of our special needs today and tomorrow my whole life through, I will always love and cherish you.

Mourners at the home of The late Mary Musanga Mulamula

Charles Getembe-Son in law : Mum, you are a gracious mother I received the day I said- yes, I do-to your daughter Sylvia. I Just say thank you for everything you have done in our lives. You gave me a lovely wife with whom I will share the rest of my life with, you raised her well the wife I will hold hands with, am proud of you mum forever. Rest in peace mum until we meet again in the heavenly gates. –

Mourners at the home of The late Mary Musanga Mulamula

Everlyne  : Dear mom, your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, your loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.  – Nelly- Daughter In-law My dear sister I am who I am today because of your endless efforts, you were special to me, I will miss you dearly. Rest in peace.

Samson Lipeya Mulamula : Aunty Mary you were full of life, you cared for us all. I vividly remember the other day you encouraged us to work together as a team for us to win. For sure I will miss you. I pray for your soul to rest in eternity.



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