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Bishop Khamala disputes claims of being related to US Vice President Elect Kamala Harris


By Chris Mafura

Kamala Harris is the first African-American Women to be elected as Vice President in the United States of America. She was the running mate to President Elect Joe Biden.

The two jointly trounced the incumbent President Donald Trump with a landslide victory.

US Vice President Elect Kamala Harris

However, rumours are rife that the US President Elect might be a Kenyan from Lurambi constituency in Kakamega County.

“The name ‘Khamala’ (Kamala) is only found in the Batsotso, Banyala and Bukusu sub tribes of the Luhya community. His ancestors might have been Kakamega residents who migrated to Caribbean countries in search of greener pastures and gave birth to Kamala’s father,” posted one of the netizens in one of the WhatsApp Group in Kakamega.

Lurambi MP Bishop Titus Khamala

Kamala Harris father is from Jamaica while his mother was an Indian. But netizens cannot just keep quiet.

Some claim that Kamala Harris might be a sister to Lurambi MP Bishop Titus Khamala while others claim that the MP and the Vice President Elect ‘know each other’.

The Lurambi MP lived in the US for three years whilst a student at International Children’s Ministry Institute (ICMI), a bible college in Illinois.

Bishop Khamala in Pennsylvania

 “I was a student in Illinois between 1995-1997 and later worked as a volunteer at a church in Pasadena in California for a while where Kamala Harris lives. I think that’s why Kenyans think we are related. She is not my sister and we have no connection. I personally have never met her,” said Bishop Khamala.

Could these be the reason the netizens are claiming they have any connection? That’s a story for another day. But do we say… Former US President Barack Obama is also a Kenyan from K’ogalo in Siaya County.

Kamala Harris is married to lawyer Douglas Emhoff and are blessed with two children namely Cole Emhoff and Ella Emhoff.

Bishop Khamala is married to Rose Khamala.

Lurambi MP and his wife Rose Khamala in the United States

But what set the internet on fire was when a video of a woman with a jar of floor on the head, a sufuria and a bag could be seen dancing and thanking Americans for electing Kamala Harris as the first black woman from Kakamega as the Vice President of the United States.

Bishop Khamala in US

The unidentified woman who hails from Amalemba  estates within the outskirts of Kakamega could also be heard thanking Bishop Khamala for being ‘ a strong pillar’ to Kamala’s victory.

 “Sisi kama watu wa Western tungepende kushukuru watu wa America kwa kupatia msichana wetu Klaris Khamala hii kiti ya kukuwa the first female president of the United States of America, (We the people of Western Kenya would like to thank the Americans for electing our daughter -Kamala Harris as the first female US Vice President).

Lurambi MP and his wife Rose Khamala in the United States

She added:  “Na pia tungependa kumupongeza bwana yake Titus Khmala kwa kumuhimiza na kumupa nguvu wakati wa kampeni. Sisi watu wa amalemba hatukujuwa atafika mahala amefia. (We want to salute the husband Bishop Khamala for standing with her during the campaign period. We as the residents of Amalemba didn’t know that at one time Kamala Harris will be US Vice President).

She urged the Vice President Elect to tarmac the road to Shitwsitwsi where Khamala comes given that it was impassable using her first salary as Vice President.

Bishop Khamala in US during his college days

“We have enough maize floor to feed your visitors during your homecoming. Just give us the date and time when we should pick you from the airport in a convoy,” said the woman.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will assume office as President and Vice President on January 20, 2021.

At the political front, Kamala Harris is an liberal and socialist in her political pursuit while Bishop Khamala is a deep conservative.

Though Khamala disagrees with the outgoing President Donald Trump style of leadership, he lauds him for recognizing Jerusalem and restoring religious freedom in the US.

Khamala greatly admires the outgoing Vice President Mike Pence for his great Christian values and believes that the future of the Republican party is in him.



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