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Form one student commits suicide after refusing to dump boyfriend in Malava


By Dennis Chagala

A somber mood has engulfed residents of Malava, Kakamega County after the body of a form one student was found lying in her bedroom, in a suspected suicide case.

It is believed that the deceased might have given up in life by consuming poison after she was requested to stop having sexual relations with men in the area.

According to the victim’s parents, they said that they were overwhelmed by daughter’s drastic behavioral change after she was being spotted frequently hanging around with different men.

They advised her to stop mingling with men carelessly an advice they say might have upset her leading to her death.

“We have been spotting her with different men”. Said her grieving mother.

According to his father, he noted a change in her daughter’s behavior after she joined form one and feared she might be impregnated while still a student.

“As we were talking to her that night, she got up went to his room and locked herself in.”

“Our efforts to get her to open the door were fruitless, the following morning we broke down the door and found her body on the bed, foam was in her mouth and a pesticide bottle beside her, we suspect she took her life by taking the drug,” said her father.

Burundu area chief Henry Masinde confirmed the case and has called on parents to be watchful of their children conduct especially at this time when they are at home after school were closed due to corona pandemic.

“This is an unfortunate incident we need to monitor the behavior of your children while they are at home on this long holiday, don’t force them to do something they don’t want.” Said the chief.

He noted, more than 100 students in the county have reportedly been pregnant during this corona holiday alone fearing the number might increase even further.

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