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Adrian Meja gives wheelchairs and crutches to the disabled in Shinyalu


By Collins Chibole

Despite the spirited efforts by both the national and county governments as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to support Persons Living with Disabilities (PWDs), there are still uncountable cases where such people have been left out in the program.

The most affected people are the poor and vulnerable PWDs who live in the rural areas and are yet to receive any help from the government and the charitable organisations. Those who have benefited in the arrangement are either lucky or have connections with those who run such organisations.

Such cases have been reported of how PWDs are struggling to make ends meet despite the challenges they face.

 Many at times, you will find them on wheelchairs in leading town centers across the country begging for food and money in a bid to earn a livelihood.

But in the face of adversity, good Samaritans are coming on board to put a smile on their faces by giving them donations in form of foodstuffs, water, wheelchairs as well as scholarships to get formal education, a move that has gone a long way in earning them bragging rights in high places.

Adrian Meja, a parliamentary aspirant in Shinyalu Sub County is one of the people helping the PWDs through his philanthropic work. He has traversed the area giving them wheelchairs and food including facemasks and hand sanitisers.

Mr. Meja has managed to give 56 wheelchairs and over 76 crutches to the disabled within the constituency, an initiative he says he intends to reach as many people as possible in the area.

In an interview with The County Splash,  Meja said that he began his charitable work at a tender age of 25, this was long  before the idea of him (Meja) joining politics crossed his mind. “I realized that many of the people affected were not being reached by government agencies and even charitable organisations,”

 Meja said he spends his income to initiate such projects in collaboration with well-wishers.

“The poverty level in Shinyalu is very high and through my philanthropic work as well as support from partners of goodwill, we shall do a tremendous job for the community,” said Mr. Meja.

According to Meja, it defeats logic for life to go on as usual when persons leaving with disabilities are suffering, adding that many people should come on board to help them.

Meja said that there’s need for accountability of funds meant for the disabled in society, saying a few people have been pocketing fund meant for PWDs.

 Besides supporting the vulnerable, Meja has also initiated society based projects in Shinyalu such as the sinking of over 15 boreholes across the constituency and over 20 submersible water pumps to enable residents access clean water and supporting construction of churches, youth, women and community based groups .

In an effort to help residents access power, Meja has started a project of purchasing and supplying solar panels where until now, he has already installed at least five panels to the poor.



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