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Bungoma LSK chair mulls for open court hearing


By Tony Wafula

Bungoma branch law society of Kenya has urged the National Council on Administration of justice to find an urgent solution to lawyers and courts to resume to usual hearings.

George Murunga Bungoma chapter LSK chair says that lawyers are finding it hard to hear the clients pleas because according to government’s directives all hearing are done online adding that the clients they serve mostly are substantial farmers and cannot access to online services.

‘’Most of our clients are from the interior whereby accessing to online is a problem’’ he said, urging the Ministry of health to do court inspections and allow them continue with court hearings.

He said that since the lockdown of all public gatherings including courts many lawyers are not getting cash to sustain their daily operations and even paying their employees, adding that some law firms has been rented and rent to be paid.

However, he said that the ministry of health should t intervene and do inspections in all courts and even supply some protective equipments so that courts can host proceedings.

‘’Our court rooms are big enough to accommodate five to six people provided the court gives out the correct time when the claimant or the accused to appear before the court.’’ He said.

Murunga said the pleas are being done in an electric manner which seems to be challenging to some clients, calling on National council on administration should do a faster intervention in solving this issue.

He said reaching on clients is very had because sometimes getting what’s up numbers and their emails is challenging.

‘’Many of our clients are not accessed to online services which is bringing difficulties on understanding of information.’’ He said.

He however, said that online hearing is so bad and many law firms fears that their firms will be closed down by the end of this month if the pandemic persists over lack of cash to sustain operations.

‘’We are not receiving many clients as we could have been in court for this time, this pandemic should end, it has really paralyzed our operations.’’ He lamented.



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