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Government to distribute relief food to poor and vulnerable families in Bungoma


By Tony Wafula

Bungoma County Commissioner Abdi Hassan has said that poor and vulnerable families in the county will start receiving relief food from the government to help in fighting Covid19.

Dr Abdi said that every sub-county has formed a committee to establish poor and vulnerable families that will be entitled to the government’s donation. ‘Every sub-county have formed a committee to identify all the vulnerable families which will receive government’s aid,”

Abdi cautioned government officers against presenting names of their relatives and friends to get relief food saying if found, they will be dealt with accordingly.

Dr Abdi Hassan – Bungoma County Commissioner

He also said conmen were asking people to give out money before getting registered to get government’s relief food.

 ‘’Conmen may think that when the government ordered the  lockdown of  courts that the  law is also suspended, my friends if found conning people and pretending to be government’s official you will arraigned and judged heavily,” said Abdi.

 The Commissioner said that every sub-county has produced a list of beneficiaries who will receive the government’s aid which will be verified, validated and confirmed on the day of supplying foodstuffs.

He assured residents that the security team is on the watch out during this curfew time to ensure that no insecurity reports are reported, calling on Bungoma residents to follow the government’s directives.

‘’ Since the president announced the curfew to start taking place we have heard many insecurity reports within our boarders but we have assigned more security officers on the ground to do night patrols to ensure that they residents are secured.’’ He said, adding that investigations are undergoing to establish culprits who raided and shops, supermarkets and hotels.

He warned police officers who have been alleged to have involved in any criminal offences that they will face the law, urging residents to report any suspicious people who may be spotted for disciplinary action.

He called on police officers to follow the government’s directives not to harass innocent Kenyans who may be on an urgent issue.‘’ I plead to our security officers to follow the directives keenly not to hurt innocent people who may have at some point gone against the government’s directive,”

The commissioner said that this is the time landlords should not harass tenants on rent payment because many people are staying at home.



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