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Taxi driver who coned two job-seeking students after posing as a bank manager beaten like a burukenge


By Wilson Abiri

There was drama at Majengo Bus Park; Vihiga County after two women attacked a man in his late 20’s of conning them and subsequently impregnating them.

The man was having lunch in one of the restaurant but when they learnt of his presence in town, they stormed the restaurant and flushed him out.

The two women who are holders of bachelor’s degree in ICT said they met John Wesonga at Kisumu Hotel at lunchtime in October last year.

They had also hired three men who helped them flushing him out of the hotel and then descended on him with blows.

Business came to a standstill close to 30-minutes as the slay queens engaged Mr Wesonga who had duped them that he is a bank manager in Kakamega town and that he can help them secure a good job there.

Travelers and touts at the bus stage enjoyed the free movie, as it emerged that Wesonga was not a bank manager but a taxi driver who politicians normally hire over the weekends to ferry them around during their randy clandestine activities.

Vivian, 23, told County Splash News that they met Mr Wesonga at Kisumu hotel when they went to take lunch in October last year.

“Three men entered the hotel wearing blue chip suits and sat directly opposite to our table. After a few minutes, he came to our table and offered to clear our bills and then bought some drinks for us,” Vivian said.

She said after taking lunch, they exchanged contacts with him but assured them that he will see them after three days since they were rushing to Kisumu International Airport to catch a flight to Nairobi.

She said Wesonga told them that they were going for a business meeting in the capital. He gave them sh3000 as transport back home.

 True to his words, the man resurfaced after four days but this time round, they agreed to meet at an expensive hotel within the Central Business District (CBD) at 7pm.

She said Wesonga ordered dinner and drinks saying they stayed at the hotel together with her friend, Moraa, up to midnight.

“Wesonga told us he is a senior bank manager with a local bank in Eldoret and we believed him since he came with a black Toyota V8 car. This day, he promised to secure jobs for us with the bank now that we were ICT gurus,” she said.

Vivian said he gave them sh5000 each when they parted ways that day.

“He dropped Moraa to our place but we had quality time with him that night. He dropped me back the following day and promised to give me a job and marry me. That is the day he impregnated me,” she said.

He called three days later and then informed us he had organized everything for us. All that all we needed is we put our papers in order but part with sh30, 000 each for the directors ‘fuel’,” she said.

Moraa said she talked to her father back in Kisii County and they sold two dairy cows to raise the money the ‘bank manger’ wanted.

“I knew this is good business. You give sh30, 000 and you will be earning sh45, 000 every month, permanent and pensionable,” Moraa said.

According to her, they raised the money five days later and met with Wesonga in Eldoret town.

“He bought us lunch and then we partied all night at Signature club within Eldoret CBD. My friend, Vivian was too drunk and we took her to a room adjacent to the club to sleep,” Moraa said.

“We booked another room where we slept. We had unprotected sex as he had told me that he will also marry me and wanted a child. That is the day I became pregnant,” she recalls.

We parted ways in the morning and he promised us to call us after two days to go and pick our job letters,” she narrated.

Moraa lamented that since that day; he switched his phone after five days and even changed his line.

She said they knew Wesonga had conned them after two weeks when they learnt that he was just a mere taxi driver who used to ferry politicians to funeral places and public gatherings.

“We took a photo with him together when we were clubbing in Eldoret town. We showed the photo to some of our friends in Kisumu and identified him as a taxi driver cum conman,” Moraa said.

However, police who were operating a roadblock at Boyani area along Kakamega-Kisumu road came to his rescue on time.

When he was ransacked, he was found with 24 Safaricom lines, 18 Telkom lines and 11 airtel lines. He also had 5 identity cards of different people with sh35, 0000 in his pocket.

The police carried him in their car and went to Boyani where they were manning a roadblock.



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