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Church leaders blame govt. for closing down churches over Covid19


By Tony Wafula

Pastors and Bishops have condemned the government for closing the churches in the wake of Covid19 pandemic.

Led by Rev. Nashon Otwane of the Full Gospel Church of Kenya, he regretted that the government has subjected Christians to worship in empty churches during this pandemic time instead of praying to God to end the pandemic.

Addressing the press his office at Bungoma Church headquarters, Rev. Otwane said that the government of Kenya should allow churches to continue with its services in an organized way.

‘’We know that the government banned all public gatherings but I urge them if it could be better to allow as conduct church services with at least fifteen church members,” said Otwane.

Rev. Nashon Otwane

The clergy added that this is the time Kenyan leaders should come together to find a long lasting solution to this pandemic dismissing those bringing propaganda politics as the country continues to morn.

He called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to organize a meeting with top cream leaders from all churches so that they have national prayers which will help bringing back lost Christians back to life and give them hope.

He said that after the country has battled the corona virus many people will have lost the way forward and will need serious guiding and counseling, advising church leaders to be very careful with their members.

He urged the government to allow churches to have a certain program whereby only fifteen members to be allowed in worshiping in shifts. ‘I plead to the government to train health workers and assign them in our churches every Sunday so that they can measure somebody’s temperature before entering the church only for fifteen people,’’

He called upon Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati to organize a meeting with all clergies and see how the church services can be conducted.

‘’Ministering the word of God it is a calling which you cannot avoid,’’ he said, adding that since the president banned all public gatherings many Bishops and Pastors have perished.

He called on the government of Kenya to set aside money and rescue Kenyans who were locked down in other countries like Chine who are going through torture.

‘’Our fellow Kenyans went there for different purposes but we cannot ignore them the government should organize and bring them back home.’’ He said.

He said that many Kenyans are having psychological challenges thinking about their dear ones in other states.

‘’Its better our friends come back in Kenya and be quarantined somewhere as the ministry of health does its best to help them.’’ He said.

He applauded the efforts the government is doing to make sure that they combat this pandemic, calling on Kenyans to follow the government’s directives.



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