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Take Advantage Of Nawiri Soft Loan Fund-Trans-Nzoia Trade CEC Tells Members

By Mercy Buyanzi -Trans Nzoia County

Trans Nzoia County Trade CEC Stanley Kirui has urged members of organized groups and associations to take advantage of the Nawiri soft loan fund introduced by the administration.

Trans Nzoia County Trade CEC Stanley Kirui

The fund aims to provide economic empowerment to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by offering loans at a low interest rate of 3%.

” Organized groups, such as Youth associations,women’s CBOs,and farmer groups, to utilize this opportunity to access affordable financing and propel their ventures forward,” he said this during an exclusive press meeting.

He said Governor George Natembeya’s Government is committed to promoting a thriving business environment and uplifting the local economy by fostering entrepreneurship in Trans Nzoia County.

“We aim to empower small and medium enterprises by providing them with financial resources at an affordable interest rate of 3%. This initiative will enable entrepreneurs to expand their operations, create employment opportunities, and contribute to the overall development of our county” said Kirui.

The soft loan fund is designed to cater specifically to the needs of SMEs, offering them access to capital for business expansion, equipment purchase, working capital, and other growth-related expenditures. The fund also aims to support startups in their initial stages by providing them with the necessary financial boost to establish a solid foundation.

Mr Kirui emphasized that the loan application process is streamlined and simplified to ensure ease of access for interested groups. The county government has put in place a dedicated team to facilitate the application and evaluation process, ensuring that eligible groups receive prompt assistance.

“Interested groups can obtain application forms from the Trade Department. The team responsible for evaluating the applications will work diligently to ensure a quick turnaround, allowing successful applicants to receive the funding they need to drive their businesses forward.”

Members of organized groups have expressed their enthusiasm for the initiative, recognizing the significant impact it can have on their operations and the overall economic landscape of Trans Nzoia County.


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