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Boost for Raila as Vihiga residents join mass action to force Ruto lower the cost of living

By Fidel Mbaraka, Vihiga

Azimio’s mass action kicks off in Vihiga County as Ruto must go slogan dominates the air.

Residents in Vihiga County held peaceful demonstrations in Luanda, Majengo, Mbale and parts of Chavakali and Kilingili towns raising issues that affect them.

Critical issue was the high cost of living, high taxation, cost of education under CBC among others issues.

Demonstrators said they were acting following the opposition leader Raila Odinga’s call for them to hold peaceful mass action against the Kenya Kwanza government.

Opposition leader had urged Kenyans to hold peaceful demonstrations against President William Ruto’s administration.

The demonstration comes after the opposition leader Raila Odinga on Thursday, March 9, announced the start of mass action to force President William Ruto to comply with his demands.

The Azimio la umoja leader made the directive after the 14-day ultimatum Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition leader issued to the President lapsed.

Odinga while addressing the press and  declaring mass protest from 20th of this month, said protests, boycotts and peaceful sit-ins that could involve occupying strategic government offices.

He said election of 2022 August 9th handed the nation an illegitimate regime that is heartless, reckless and dictatorial.

“Kenya Kwanza regime is dangerous for our democracy and therefore to restore the dignity of the Kenyan people and put back our country on the path to prosperity, this illegitimate regime must go.” Martha Karua said while in a past event.

President William Ruto, his predecessor ex- President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga at a past function

Raila and his team launched a new initiative branded Movement for Defense of Democracy, giving a 15-point attack on why Ruto must quit as President.

“The attempt by Kenya Kwanza regime to singlehandedly reconstitute the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission by forming a William Ruto Electoral Commission is a reckless misadventure that is intended to wreck this country,”Raila declared.

He termed the IEBC selection panel a Ruto puppet that the President intends use to “create seven Chebukatis who will aid him in stealing the 2027 general elections”.

In Vihiga Mbale town led by the Vihiga Youth Caucus leader Maurice Iraya , the residents reiterated that they won’t back down towards the push of a better Kenya.

“We have taken a stand, we don’t want to let our country be ruins as we watch,” said Iraya.

Demonstrators were marching along Kakamega-Kisumu highway holding the traffic for a few minutes.

In Luanda town business communities were forced to shut down for awhile fearing the demonstrations will turn chaotic.

While marching along Kisumu Busia road from Ebusakami junction to Siaya road called on the current government to lower the cost of living.

The demonstrators asked the Kenya Kwanza regime to lower the price of basic commodities, review the education system and lower the taxation.

“The nation is tired, as boda boda riders we have had enough. The president should lower the living standard or be ready to deal with hungry and angry Kenyans,” said Iraya.

Among other issues the demonstrators wanted taken care of is the open the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) servers and engagement of the Azimio coalition in the recruitment process of the new commissioners.

Barely a day after Opposition Leader Raila Odinga declared the official start of mass action, some parts of the country are already recording demonstrations.

Rogue youths on motorcycles and on top of cars were heard chanting anti-Ruto tunes, the “Ruto must go” slogan that the ODM leader unveiled yesterday.

They were also armed with placards bearing different messages, whistles and vuvuzelas.

Raila and other Azimio leaders declared that they are going to take part in the daily demonstration until the government heed to their demands

Odinga is demanding that the government restored all the subsidies that they scrapped after taking instruments of power from former President Uhuru Kenyatta, including the subsidies on fuel, and unga, subsidies on education among others.

However, the government remains adamant on subsides citing that they will be empowering farmers and producers to increase food and other productions in the country.





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