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Governor Lusaka: Over 1,000 new HIV infections reported annually in Bungoma

By Micah Sali, Bungoma

Bungoma County remains a high-risk location in the spread of HIV/AIDS, mainly due to the fact that is a major transit point.

Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka has revealed that Kanduyi and Webuye West are among the most affected areas.

“Available Statistics point to a worrying trend in the spread of the disease with 

30,644 people reported to be living with HIV/AIDS in the County,” Lusaka revealed.

Lusaka added that close to 1,000 new infections reported annually with the growing laxity in the fight against HIV/AIDS blamed on the shift in focus to the fight against COVID 19 pandemic.

Speaking during an event to mark the World Aids day at Kibabii University on Thursday, Lusaka stated that too much focus should be put in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

“A Wake Up Call for all of us to focus on the Practical Solutions to alleviate Inequality and put an end to life threatening disease,” he said.

He noted that the transmission rate from Mother to Child is worryingly higher than the acceptable target rate.

He stated that Bungoma registered 9 per cent, which is above the average of 5 per cent rate. HIV/TB Co-Infections stand at 6,130. 

Lusaka said that the key Drivers of the Spread in Bungoma include the presence of Truck Drivers on the Northern Corridor.

He pointed out that the main flashpoints other than Kanduyi and Bukembe others include – Mariakani, Mlolongo, Salgaa and Malaba.

“Liberal nature of the younger generation, who indulge regularly in unprotected sex

Inter-Generational sex and the culture of “Sponsors”, said Lusaka.

He attributed low-Uptake of self-testing, which points to possibility of a higher number of untreated cases and non-Adherence to the treatment regime for some of those infected.

The County CEO encouraged everyone to know their status; HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence. But to control it everyone must know their status.

He called on youth to restrain themselves and discourage the “Sponsor” mentality.

He stated that the County is committed in seeking out greater partnerships with other stakeholders to put in place a robust program that will contain the spread of the disease and Support the infected and the affected.



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