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Private schools to embrace international curriculum if CBC is scrapped off

Seliphar Musungu, Kakamega

Kakamega county private schools directors threaten to embrace International Competence Based Curriculum if the government will do away with the one in Kenya.

This decision was made after a section leader and parents who are against the curriculum urged the government to do away with it claiming that it drains poor parents. 

CBC Cooking lesson Applegate Academy. Photo County Splash news

Speaking at Applegate Christian School in Kakamega, private school directors led by the school director Evelyn Tiany said that CBC is a solution to unemployment in Kenya.

Private schools to embrace international curriculum if  CBC is scrapped off

“Those students who are not doing well in class work are the best when it comes to performing art which improves their talents. This will help them in future when it comes to employment, students will be able to create job opportunities using knowledge gained in CBC,” said Tiany.

Arts and Craft project Applegate Academy. Photo, County Splash News

Tiany explained that with CBC teachers are able to notice pupil’s skills and knowledge in a particular field such as agriculture, weaving and cooking. They vowed to embrace the international curriculum rather than going back to 8.4.4.

“If the government decides to do away with the CBC we will embrace an international curriculum which is the same as the CBC.” Tiany said.

Speaking on behalf of other parents Elizabeth Okero who seconded what was said by the directors said that competence based curriculum helped in building a strong relationship between teachers and pupils creating a positive impact on pupils.



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