County Special Programs Team Rescues A Sick Boy, Takes Him To Hospital



A young boy suffering from unknown ailment and also epileptic has been rescued and taken to Bungoma County Referral Hospital.

The youthful Samwel Wanjala was rescued by the County special programs team from their Sichei village home in Chwele/Kabuchai ward, Kabuchai constituency. 

A family which fled from Mt Elgon as IDPs survive in penury and all his six children are suffering from unknown diseases. 

Wanjala who sat his KCPE last year managed to get 126 marks at Namaondo primary school. 

His single father Benard Wanjala said that due to challenges his family is facing, his wife abandoned him with Six children all suffering from mental illness.

“I have suffered, we stay in a shanty and beg for food, I have no money for medication, without your help I got nobody to depend on, my casual job can’t afford money to help me seek for their medical attention,” he said. 

Mr.Wanjala is a shoe cobbler and he makes Sh50 a day and not every day which made him squat with the brother at that building which belongs to a family they have been farming for.

The boy was taken to Bungoma County Referral Hospital for medical check up.

Director special programs Caren Wanyonyi attributed the sickness to unknown issues.

She rushed to rescue the family after the public raised the issues affecting them with her office. 

“This is the worst encounter so far, but as part of humanity and as a government we have to play our part to save this boy and his other siblings,” she said. 

“We intend to ensure the rest of the siblings to get birth certificates and are covered by NHIF for ample access to health care as we help them get shelter and a start up business for sustainability,” said the Director.

She added, “I believe Sammy would have performed better in the kcpe exams if he was of good health.We will give him an opportunity to be back in class again even as he gets medical attention through the special clinics,”.