A Country wide businessman Joseph Lendrix Waswa has said he will vie for a senatorial seat when the current Senator exits the stage.

Speaking on Tuesday, Lendrix pointed out that he will be gunning for a senatorial seat when the incumbent Moses Wetang’ula exits the stage to pick up the Senate Speaker’s job after the August polls.

This follows the agreement by Kenya Kwanza leaders that Weta will be Senate Speaker when Ruto clinches the Presidency.

“If Ruto wins, Weta will take up his role as the Senate speaker hence leaving a vacuum which will be decided through polls In a possible by-election, am the best person to replace him as the next Senator,” said Lendrix.

The youthful businessman said that the current crop of politicians are unable to unseat senator Moses Wetang’ula through the ballot and the recent polls have also shown the same.

Wetang’ula is ahead with a huge margin compared to the current deputy governor Prof.Charles Ngome, businessman Jacob Machacha and Rev.Herman Kasii.

“I am watching the trends with a keen eye. The senate seat needs an energetic and pragmatic blood,” He said.

 Lendrix has said he is ready to replace senator Wetangula in an event that he graduates for another higher seat.

“I am aware he wants to be the speaker after this elections hence the need for a by election. All be available to fill the gap. ”, said Waswa.

He said he will offer himself to the voters on the platform of change and youthful leadership.

Waswa is a close friend to Wetang’ula and a die hard Ford Kenya adherent.


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