Kenya has appointed two education experts to help in setting up of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development(IGAD) qualifications framework.

The two are; Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) Director General Dr Juma Mukhwana and Mr Abdi A. Kea who is a Principal Education officer in the Ministry of Education.

The experts will represent Kenya in the development and rollout of regional IGAD qualifications framework that is now becoming a norm around the globe.

According to Dr Mukhwana, Kenya has set the pace for other eight countries in the region as far as development and implementation of national qualifications.

“Kenya is already mentoring Ethiopia and Uganda who are at the tail end of rolling out their national qualification frameworks. other countries are making steady progress,” said the Director General.

Last month, Kenya hosted a meeting on development of a qualifications framework to boost integration and open up education and job opportunities for students and citizens across the region.

The meeting which was held in Nairobi attracted seven member states of IGAD that included Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia. Other partners included; Government of German(GIZ), Education Cannot Wait(ECW), United Nation Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and European Union(EU).

The meeting reviewed the roadmap for the IGAD regional Qualification framework and exchanged lessons and good practices among member states.

It was agreed that each member state endeavor to develop national qualification framework in order to fast-track the development of the IGAD regional qualification framework.

The framework is aimed at providing a uniform reference point to convert acquired from different country to local standards matching the local labour market requirements and its further expected that the platform will make it easier for citizens from IGAD member states to find work or advance studies in other member countries without being disadvantaged.

The IGAD secretariat is now expected to plan for a training of the focal persons between July 4 to July 8 2022.

Kenya is a member of the IGAD and signatory to the Djibouti Declaration (2017) on the inclusion of refuges and asylum seekers in the national education system as well as other Human rights convections and protocols aligned to upholding fundamental human rights and freedom. 

These include; sustainable development goals(SDG4); 1951 Convection relating to the status of refuges and the global compact on refugees (2019).

The government of Kenya also recognizes the importance of including refuges and asylum seekers in the education agenda as acritical to the realization of the SDGs, the Kenya Vision 2030 and other national aspirations.

IGAD regional senior programme coordinator in charge of Education, Science and Technology Dr Kebede Tsegaye said a regional qualification framework will enable people to move freely across the region with their education qualifications.

“Currently, if you have a certificate from one country, you are not easily recognised in the next and this has been a big challenge to our integration and unity,” said Dr Tsegaye in Nairobi, Kenya, at the third conference of the IGAD Qualifications Framework.

Last week, Ministers who are responsible for education, training, science, technology and innovation from the member states of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) met in Malawi, to work on the development of Southern African Development Community Regional Qualifications Framework (SADCQF).


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