By Reuben Olita

Health authorities in Busia County have cautioned those vying for political seats against discrediting what the healthcare fraternity has done to ensure residents get services in public hospitals.

The Chief Officer in the Department of Health and Sanitation, Jonathan Ino said that despite the several challenges experienced, they have delivered based on the available resources for the interest of locals.

Speaking at Itoya Hotel in Busia town during stakeholders consultative meeting to improve access to quality eye care services in the County, Ino emphasized that they have made strides in revolutionizing the health sector.

“We are doing a good job but some people do not want to recognize our efforts!! We want those vying for various political seats to be focused on their manifestos and campaigns by telling residents what they intend to do to improve what has been done when given the opportunity by the voters,” he stressed.

“Let us respect the office as an institution by not personalizing issues,” added the Chief Officer, who was accompanied by the Director Medical Services, Dr Janerose Ambuchi and the County Health Management Team (CHMT).

He further encouraged health personnel across the County to be proud of what they have attained since the inception of devolution, considering that they have played a critical role in terms of service provision.

“Learn to appreciate yourselves! If the police kill a thief they praise themselves despite having destroyed life,” said Ino.

Dr Ambuchi said they will continue providing technical advice on how best to run health issues in the County.


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