Kakamega: Drama As Witch Doctor Helps Police To Arrest Cattle Thieves


By Paul Mukana

There was drama at Emusanda village, Butsotso location in Kakamega county on Friday, after three men emerged with their hands mobbed by a swarm of bees as they mooed like animals.

Apparently, the three men were prime suspects in a livestock theft syndicate that transpired at the same village a few days ago.

The owner of the stolen livestock Mr.Tolibert Imbiakah had sought the intervention of a witch doctor after he realized that a number of his livestock were missing and no one knew what had happened to them.Mr.Imbiakah invited the witch doctor to his compound and after a series of peculiar activities, the witch doctor left.

At exactly 10AM on Friday, residents of Emusanda village were utterly bamboozled.Three men emerged with their hands mobbed by swarms of bees as they carried the stolen animals and they were mooing in rhythms producing livestock sounds.

The police had already arrived at the scene due to the wild screams from the members of the public.

The owner of the animals vividly stepped forward in front of the cheering crowd and positively identified his set of missing livestock.

It is at this juncture that the witch doctor took possession of his bees before he handed over the trembling criminals to the police.

Kakamega Central OCPD confirmed the incident and applauded the witch doctor for making the work of the police easier.

He later confirmed to journalists that the three men were identified as Hillary Momanyi 22, John Bukhasio 28 and Winston Mutiele 20.

It is an incident that has attracted the attention of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), who took to social media to applaud the efforts of the witch doctor.

“We commend the witch doctor whose contacts have been reserved for working good for the society”, the DCI posted on its facebook page.

The bizarre has sparkled mixed reactions among netizens with some congratulating the witch doctor whilst others condemning the police for supporting witchcraft which is perceived to be unethical.

While some argued that such scenerios threaten to obliterate the religious background of the village, the witch doctor has since become famous with a number of locals scrambling for his contacts.


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