Malala In Trouble Over Malicious Comments About The Police Qualifications


By Paul Mukana

The National Police Service has laughed off claims by Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala that the police don’t require academic knowledge to work.

Malala’s remarks raises eyebrows and sparkled mixed reactions from netizens.

Apparently, the outspoken senator was recently quoted pointing fingers at the men in uniform and said one doesn’t require academic qualifications to become a police.

In a press release send to newsrooms on Wednesday, the National Police Service (NPS) has condemned the senator’s comments terming them defamatory.

“We as National Police Service fraternity, including our dear families are utterly disappointed with such unwarranted and outrageous remarks aimed at scandalizing a noble profession deployed in the service and good of the public,” said Bruno Shioso in the press release.

Mr.Shioso is the National Police Service corporate spokesperson.

He added ” Policing of communities is dependent on knoledge and guns are only complementary tools to achieve efficiency of service, not otherwise,”.

Mr.Shioso vividly defended the police by noting that they comprise of top cream minds and professional people with vast academic experience.

Malala had outlined that the work of a police officer is simply carrying a gun and one doesn’t need to be educated to execute the mandate.

At the same time, the National Police Service pleaded with the public to ignore such sentiments and keep trusting in the police and cooperating with them.

“That for the avoidance of doubt it is stressed here that the NPS is a professional entity composed of all cadres of Kenyans as envisaged by the constitution of Kenya in respect to the diversity requirement and that the service comprises of competent , professional, knoleadgeable and skilled officers with the right disposition and attitude,” Mr.Shioso added.

The police spokesperson maintained that the men in uniform are always committed to providing professional security services to Kenyans and thanked all the police for their continued commitment and hard work.

Senator Malala was quoted asking the relevant government agencies to commence recruiting primary school dropouts into the police service because it only entails carrying of guns.

His remarks sent tongues wagging and a number of Kenyans chewed bones with him on social media.

Apparently, the senator has apologized and insisted that his sentiments were probably taken out of context.

“My attention has been drawn to a video circulating on social media about my utterances on the police.I wish to categorically state that my remarks were taken totally out of context.Their importance to us can’t be overlooked. It is in light with this that I wish to withdraw my remarks and apologize to our disciplined forces for the discomfort my remarks may have caused,” senator Malala tweeted.


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