Floor Caretakers In Public Hospitals, Major Winners As Busia Assembly Passes Finance Bill 2022


By Reuben Olita

Floor caretakers in public hospitals are the major winners as the County Assembly of Busia on Tuesday (May 24th, 2022) passed the Busia Finance Bill, 2022 with amendments.

The floor caretaker used to be charged Ksh. 200 per day but Members of the County Assembly opted to make it free for the Busia County Referral and all level four hospitals.

The move followed public participation where county residents opposed the charges saying it’s double punishment for the caretakers who sleep on the floor while taking care of their beloved ones.

Farmers who hire tractors for ploughing will be charged Ksh.1,000 per acre for dry land and Ksh.2,500 ploughing wet rate. Planting per acre is Ksh.1000.

The County Finance Bill sets out the revenue raising measures for the County Government, together with a policy statement expounding on those measures.

The county assembly has already enacted a number of specific pieces of revenue raising legislation which include the Rating Act 2017, the Cess Act 2017 as well as the Trade Act 2017 which directly or through regulations made under them prescribes various taxes or charges payable to the County Government.

A member of the Finance Committee, Bernard Papa who read the bill for a third time said the committee recommended a number of amendments to the taxes, fees and charges proposed in the schedule to the bill.

The Speaker Hon Bernard Wamalwa said the bill will be forwarded to the Governor, H.E Sospeter Ojaamong for assent, adding that this is their last Finance Bill as the Second County Assembly.

The committee vice chair, Angela Nafula expressed her gratitude and sincere thanks to the members of the committee for dedicating their time to sit for long hours and review the bill.

“The committe would also like to register its appreciation to the members of staff who worked on it and the Speaker and the office of the Clerk for the support received as it discharged its mandate of reviewing the bill,” she said.

Photo: The County Assembly of Busia.


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