Mt Elgon Residents Disown Former Deputy Governor After Joining Azimio


Residents of Mt Elgon constituency have distanced themselves from the the former Deputy Governor Hillary Chongwony’s declaration to Join Azimio coalition.

Speaking at Kaptama Market, Allan Ndiwa rubbished the event held at Former Deputy Governor’s residence as of no political impact.

Ndiwa who is also a member of the Council of elders said the Senate speaker Ken Lusaka is rated development oriented leader mentioning some of the key projects done and appointments given during his tenure.

“Lusaka gave us a DG slot, one CECM slot and several other lucrative slots in his government. We can’t dare betray him at the eleventh hour,” he said.

They appreciate Speaker Lusaka for picking a Godly woman Rev Janepher Mbatiany as his running-mate.

“High Altitude Training Centre is the brainchild of Speaker Lusaka and he will complete it when he assumes office in August,” he added.

He said Speaker Lusaka tarmacked and opened up several roads in the region, empowered farmers by disbursing dairy cows.

Lastly, they assured Speaker Lusaka of their unwavering support in his quest to clinch the Bungoma gubernatorial seat.

“As residents of this region, we are solidly behind his candidature,” they said.


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