Bungoma’s Muteremko Slaughter House Shut Down Due To Poor Sanitation


By Paul Mukana

Meat lovers in Bungoma might get hard time accessing meat after the Machinjoni slaughter house was closed down due to deplorable conditions.

The decision was made after officers from the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) visited the slaughter house early this week.

“I am very annoyed with how the slaughter house is operating.Sincerely speaking if it is left to operate, residents lives will be put at risk as they will be exposed to disease outbreaks,”said Mr.Vincent Mahiva.

Mr.Mahiva is the Bungoma county director of NEMA and he was briefing journalists at his office on Wednesday.

Apparently, the slaughter house has a pond which tremendously overflows in the rainy season with the contents ending up into the nearby river Khalaba.

According to NEMA, the facility lacks efficient waste management equipments and the release of the effluents into river Khalaba poses a catastrophic danger to the locals’ lives.

“I have no problem with clients operating health facilities, hotels, slaughter houses and petrol stations but just comply with the NEMA regulations and run your business in peace.I don’t want to get complaints from residents about bad smell which will later on affect them,” Mr.Mahiva added.

The decision by NEMA to temporarily shut down the Machinjoni slaughter house has been applauded by dozens of residents who claimed that the smell was just peculiar and unhealthy.

It also emerged that the slaughter house was operating without the proper certified license from relevant government agencies.

At the same time,NEMA has issued a harsh warning to other slaughter houses across Webuye, Kimilili,Chwele and Kapsokwony towns to ensure that they are operating within the required parameters.

The county director of NEMA maintained that Machinjoni slaughter house shall remain closed until its management fully complies with the health, environmental and regulation issues.

It is a decision that has thrown Bungoma town into a meat shortage crisis but netizens believe the menace will be solved as soon as possible.

A slaughter house should be operating under a clean environment, a properly installed waste management system and a validates license from the relevant government authorities.


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