Kakamega: ANC Engage In A Political Fist With UDA Over Zoning


By Paul Mukana

A fresh stalemate has emerged between DP Ruto’s hit men and Musalia Mudavadi’s loyalists in Kakamega county.

ANC lieutenants led by Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala have accused DP Ruto’s UDA party for fielding candidates in Musalia Mudavadi’s political bastion.

According to senator Malala, the UDA party is seemingly undermining the ANC party by placing candidates in ANC’S home turf.

The outspoken senator who doubles up as the Kakamega gubernatorial candidate on an ANC party ticket insisted that the Ford Kenya – ANC – UDA pact was founded on the basis of promoting political friendship to create more strength.

“That’s why we in ANC have not fielded candidates in Ruto’s backyard, which we left for UDA.But the decision to extend its arm to Sabatia constituency does not add up and something must be done urgently,” Malala scoffed at a political jamboree in Mumias East on Tuesday.

Sabatia is the home constituency for ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi.

A fierce political feast was also witnessed in Mumias East constituency where outgoing area MP Benjamin Washiali is roiling out a red carpet for the UDA candidate Benson Mapwoni whilst Malala is lobbying for ANC’S David Wamatsi.

Kakamega’s UDA senatorial candidate Bonny Khalwale and Mumias East MP Benjamin Washiali have vowed to campaign for all UDA candidates regionally and nationally.

At the same time, senator Malala is has tightened the grip and vowed to lobby for ANC’S candidates.

“Since Mr.Khalwale is campaigning for UDA candidates yet he needs votes from all parties within the county,they should also allow me to campaign for the ANC candidates as we focus on the presidential position,”Malala said.

UDA supporters in Mumias East have hurled barbs at Malala and threatened not to vote for him if he keeps campaigning for the ANC’S parliamentary candidate.

“Mr.Malala is looking for the seat of governor for Kakamega county,so he should focus on his position and stay out of the lower campaigns .If he keeps campaigning for the ANC candidate Mr.David Wamatsi against our UDA’S Benson Mapwoni,then we shall vote all of them out of Mumias East,” said Mr.Kamau Murunga,the UDA coordinator Mumias East sub county.

It is a political circus that has embroiled the Kenya Kwanza leaders between a rock and a hard place.

Another group of supporters affiliated to ANC candidate in Mumias East have poked holes into Hon.Washiali’s involvement in the parliamentary campaigns.

According to the ANC ardent loyalists, Washiali is confusing the unity of the Kenya Kwanza coalition in Mumias East.

“His role is spelled out as coordinator of our presidential campaigns in the western region,why is he concentrating so much on the campaigns of UDA in Mumias East and causing tension between ANC and UDA?,” said Mrs. Everline Akinyi, ANC secretary general, Mumias East subcounty.

The sentiments come amid the meihem that was witnessed at Isongo secondary school on Sarturday after Khalwale and Washiali openly drummed up support for the UDA candidate in the presence of Malala.

Chaos erupted as the UDA supporters clashed with their ANC’S counterparts.

Horizon news has reliably learned that the two camps later on engaged in another political fight at Shianda market during a joint political jamboree that was attended by Malala, Washiali and both the UDA and ANC parliamentary candidates.

The UDA – ANC feud that is being witnessed in the western political space has send tongues wagging.

The ANC hit men have told DP Ruto to convince his UDA candidates to shelve their ambitions in show of respect and loyalty to the ANC – UDA – Ford Kenya pact.

The same stalemate is affecting Butere,Matungu, Mumias West and Sabatia constituencies.

In Butere,UDA is fielding Michael Keya against ANC’S Habil Nanjendo , in Matungu, ANC’S Alex Lanya is battling it out with UDA’S Paul Posho and Rashid Echesa of UDA is facing off with Jackline Okanya of ANC in the Mumias West parliamentary race.

Mumias East MP Benjamin Washiali has however debunked those calling on him to refrain from the constituency’s politics.

“Our supporters should note that,the alliance is not meant in any way to kill our parties.There is no specific candidate for Kenya Kwanza because all the candidates including the presidential candidate have come from political parties that merged to form the alliance,” Washiali noted.

It is a pandemonium that has compelled senator Malala to call for unity among the Kenya Kwanza’s affiliate parties in the quest to defeat Azimio in the incoming August 9th general elections.

Political pundits have opined that the tussle between Khalwale, Washiali and Malala might jeopardize the 70% vote target that was set for Mudavadi and Wetangula to mint from the Mulembe political space in order to be awarded 30% of government incase DP Ruto wins.

The western region has been largely voting for Raila Odinga’s ODM party in the past few elections.

Thus,the Kenya Kwanza principals must act with speed to contain this menace before it escalates.

They have to do immense spadework and galvanize enough regional votes so as to deny Azimio La Umoja one Kenya victory.

Apparently, 9 out of the 12 MPS from Kakamega county are attached to Azimio and 8 of them shall be defending their seats via the ODM ticket.

Malala’s closest rival in the gubernatorial battle is ODM’S Fernandez Barasa while Khalwale’s biggest thorn in the flesh is ODM’S Brian Lishenga in the senatorial battle.


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