Mumias East MP Explains Why He Will Not Defend His Seat


By Paul Mukana

Mumias East MP Benjamin Washiali has explained why he won’t be defending his seat in the incoming August 9th general elections.

The MP’S decision not to vie again had sparkled mixed reactions among sections of his supporters and political nemesis.

But he has since come clear on the reasons that made him to throw in the towel.

“Let me put it clear,you know I don’t like hiding, I am not going to vie again.Me, I have stayed in parliament for 15 years and that is enough, isn’t it,” he explained.

He made the sentiments on Saturday in Kakamega during the grand unveiling of Dr.Beatrice Inyangala as Cleophas Malala’s running mate.

Malala is vying for the Kakamega gubernatorial seat via an ANC party ticket under DP Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza coalition.

Hon.Washiali laughed off those allegations from his rivals who had said that the MP had withdrawn from elective politics due to fear of being trounced by his opponents.

The outspoken lawmaker openly read mischief in the allegations and noted that his decision was out of good will and no one or nothing had prompted him to quit elective politics.

Hon.Washiali doubles up as a trojan horse inside DP Ruto’s UDA party representing the Luhya nation hit men.

He maintained that he is keen and passionate about giving space for other upcoming leaders from different clans to muddle the political arena of Mumias East.

“We have some leaders in this country,they started contesting for positions when we were in primary school,we went to secondary school,we went to university,we went to parliament, we have already resigned from parliament, and they are still scrambling for elective posts,they are selfish people,” he added.

Hon.Washiali threw a thick murk of obliteration to politicians who don’t want to give space to upcoming leaders.

The imperious MP insisted that he still has a nascent outfit and the requisite charisma to defend his seat but he has chosen to selflessly pave way for others.

Hon.Washiali has unwittingly driven himself into DP Ruto’s kitchen cabinet and is tirelessly lobbying for DP Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza coalition to mint huge votes in the raucous Mulembe political space.

He is among the 3 MPS from Kakamega county who have openly declared to be purveyors of DP Ruto’s political ideology.

Others are Malulu Injendi of Malava and Enock Kibunguchi of Likuyani whilst the remaining 9 are all affiliated to Raila’s Odinga’s Azimio La Umoja One Kenya coalition.

Horizon news has also ostensibly confirmed that Hon.Washiali has vowed to fully campaign for ANC gubernatorial candidate Cleophas Malala and aid him relinguish the leadership of Kakamega county from governor Wickliffe Oparanya’s adminstration.

As a result, he capitalised on the occasion to laugh off the recent political pact between ODM’S candidate Fernandez Barasa and Ayub Savula of DAP-K party who sacrificed his bid and agreed to deputize Barasa.

Hon.Washiali lobbied for Cleophas Malala and alluded that both Barasa and Savula are not eligible to vie because they have graft cases to answer to the Director of Criminal Investigations ( DCI) and that their integrity is questionable.

“The experience that Malala and Inyangala have is huge in Kakamega county and they will greatly help us.Let us give this chance to brother Cleo Malala and sister Inyangala to work for us because they are not being sought by the DCI,” Washiali said.

Washiali was first elected in 2007 on an ODM ticket, later on decamped to the Jubilee party where he once served as the National Assembly’s chief whip before being scrapped off the docket due to alleged disloyalty.

But currently, he is an ardent member of the UDA party led by DP Ruto and has probably made history as one of the few Kenyan politicians who have voluntarily swallowed humble pie to pave way for others.


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