Eugene Wamalwa Laughs OFF Kenya Kwanza’s Pre-election Pact


Defence cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa has poured cold water on the Kenya Kwanza coalition’s power sharing deal that was revealed recently.

He termed it as baseless and only geared towards solving feeble political matrices.

“The power sharing agreement that was unveiled showed Musalia being given a role of a prime minister, a position that doesn’t exist in our constitution,” he said.

He made the comments in a presser staged at DAP-K party headquarters at Chui house Nairobi on Friday.

Eugene termed Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula as purveyors of deceit and pretence who are running errands with DP Ruto to deceive Kenyans.

“The problem with Kenya Kwanza is that they don’t say what they mean and don’t mean what they say.With Raila we will continue with the journey of reforming this country, strengthening devolution and creating a more equitable and inclusive society called Kenya,”Eugene explained.

Eugene doubles up as a key hit man inside Raila Odinga’s presidential campaign trail.

He termed DP Ruto as a pretender because he was accusing the president for allegedly trying to create unconstitutional positions via the Building Bridges Initiative BBI, yet he has also created the same in his power sharing pact.

The outspoken CS, accused Mudavadi and Wetangula for coalescing around the DP who is deceiving them yet he has lukewarm backing across the country.

“I am told Mudavadi has been promised to be a prime cabinet secretary in charge of intergovernmental relations.Well, that’s the position I am currently holding by the way,” he noted.

Eugene wondered why Mudavadi had been reduced to a cabinet secretary in the pact yet it is a position that president Uhuru Kenyatta would have awarded him easily had he requested for it.

“As a minister for devolution,I am in charge of intergovernmental relations ,I didn’t know my brother is aspiring to take over my roles.I think if he was looking for a cabinet position,I have no doubt his good friend president Uhuru Kenyatta would have given him the devolution docket,” he added.

The sentiments come amid mixed reactions after the Kenya Kwanza coalition’s power sharing deal was made public recently.

According to the pact, the running mate slot was reserved for DP Ruto’s UDA party and Musalia was promised a prime minister seat only if he delivers atleast 70% of Mulembe votes to DP Ruto.

It is an agreement that seems to have given DP Ruto’s political nemesis a formidable ground of launching anti-Ruto attacks because the DP was initially opposed to the idea of creating unconstitutional seats.

According to Eugene, Kenya Kwanza’s team is bound for a huge loss in the August 9th presidential race because they have nothing to offer.

He also slammed Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetangula for being blindfolded by DP Ruto’s cheap political agenda.

“My brother Wetangula,congratulations on your sweetheart deal. But as the prince of Morocco was told in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice,not all that glitters is gold.If you are confident of your win and deal,why are you still vying for the senator’s seat in Bungoma,” Eugene tweeted @Eugene L.Wamalwa.

The CS said that Mudavadi and Wetangula are set to gain nothing from their political friendship with the DP and expressed confidence that the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya presidential candidate Raila Odinga will carry the day.

Tongaren MP Eseli Simiyu also capitalised on the occasion to put off DP Ruto’s pre election agreement that saw Musalia being awarded a prime minister’s job incase of a Kenya Kwanza victory.

“They were accusing us that we were only looking for power and positions.Now it comes out that they are also looking for positions.We can not afford erratic people at state house.That will be dangerous for this country,they keep on flopping,” Eseli explained.

The DAP-K party leadyers faulted DP Ruto for embracing cynical cannibalisation and taking the Luhya community for a joyride.


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