Ababu Namwamba Explains Why DP Ruto Should Be Elected President


By Paul Mukana

Former Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba has accelerated his campaigns for DP Ruto’s presidential bid across Busia county.

Ababu who doubles up as the head of international relations inside DP Ruto’s campaign secretareate has pleaded with the people of Budalangi and Busia as a whole to vote for DP Ruto and other Kenya Kwanza coalition’s candidates for various positions.

Speaking at a campaign forum in Bunyala West Ward, Budalangi constituency on Friday, Ababu told Kenya Kwanza stakeholders to keep lobbying for DP Ruto’s political agenda amongst netizens.

“Ruto is our friend,Ruto has a history of walking with us here the people of Budalangi.There is nothing that happens here in Budalangi without DP Ruto’s intervention,” Ababu noted.

It should be noted that Ababu stepped down from the foreign affairs minstry where he was serving as the chief adminstrative secretary ,to fully focus on the presidential campaigns for DP Ruto.

He has since tightened his grip inside Kenya Kwanza’s campaign trail by ostensibly advocating for the coalition’s ideology both locally and internationally.

“If you talk with rice farmers, they will tell you that the first rice irrigation scheme here was started by William Ruto when he was the minister for agriculture in the coalition government,he brought Ksh.60 milion for the expansion of the Bunyala irrigation scheme,” Ababu added.

The outspoken international lawyer is keen to launch a political meltdown for DP Ruto’s political nemesis moreso in his home turf.

Busia county has largely been voting for Raila Odinga in the last general elections but Ababu has openly launched a vicious battle to galvanize the regional votes for DP Ruto.

Ababu told the locals to ensure that they elect grassroot leaders who are also affiliated to DP Ruto’s political outfit.

“Ruto will respect you more and he will listen to you even more if you give him an MP from here,” he noted.

Ababu served as MP for Budalangi for two terms before he fell out to ODM’S Raphael Wanjala.

At one time, he was an ardent lieutenant of Raila Odinga and once served as ODM’S secretary general, but as the adage goes, there is no permanent friendship in politics.

Ababu will not be vying for any political seat this year, a move which political pundits have termed as a political technique that is geared towards creating a conducive political space to make a comeback in future elections.

Besides, he is gearing up for a possible technocrat’s role in government, if and only if DP Ruto will clinch power in the eagerly awaited August 9th presidential election.


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