Where is Musikari Kombo?


By Paul Mukana

Concerns have been raised amid the prolonged absence of Musikari Kombo from the active political and media limelights.

Netizens must be loudly wondering why and how the seasoned politician and once a key hitman of the Luhya politics has muted.

Musikari Nazi Kombo is undoubtedly amongst the key fundamental opinion makers as far as the Mulembe political matrix is concerned.

His political proliferation stretches back to the early 90s when he was first elected to parliament in 1992 to represent Webuye constituency.

It is a position he served for three terms until 2007 when he lost to ODM’S Alfred Sambu.

Kombo unsuccessfully vied for the Bungoma senatorial seat in 2013 before he was nominated as MP by the then New Ford Kenya outfit.

Since his exit from elective politics, Kombo has chosen to tighten his grip on private life .

This being the year for the general elections,Kombo is yet to make any political declaration.

Besides, he is has not openly attached himself to any political camp both at regional and national level.

His prolonged silence has sparkled mixed speculations amongst his supporters as well as political nemesis.

A politician of his caliber ought to be actively participating in various political activities as well as shaping opinions moreso in the regional political arena.

He could as well act as an elder or political advisor to scores of upcoming politicians.

His prolonged absence from the political limelight has not been perceived as a positive trajectory moreso by his loyal supporters.

Kombo was among the key founders of the historical Ford Kenya party alongside other legendary leaders like the late Masinde Muliro and Michael Kijana Wamalwa who were his ardent ailies.

Thus, Musikari Kombo will go down in history as one of the politicians who once had the requisite charisma of muddling the Mulembe political arena.

Perhaps he chose not to be involved in active politics so as to concentrate on his personal business and family matters.

All his political counterparts of the early 90s who are still alive are still engaging in active politics e.g Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula, Kanduyi MP Wafula Wamunyinyi and former Kimilili MP Mukhisa Kituyi.

Masinde Muliro and Michael Kijana Wamalwa are politicians who had huge vision for the Luhya community and Kenya at large.

Political pundits have opined that since Musikari Kombo was the closest and ardent ally of the two great leaders, he ought to have stepped in the gap in a vicious attempt to dislodge their political ideologies.

But as the adage dictates, it is always easier said than done.

Hence, it is only Hon. Kombo who can explain better his decision of keeping quite even as the country heads into a historical election on August 9th.

His wealth of political experience is top notch.

Besides, serving as Webuye MP for 3 terms, Kombo was also a cabinet minister in the Kibaki regime.


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