Wamboka Tosha: Thousands Of Bumula Residents vow To Vote For Him


The residents of Bumula constituency yearn for a new leadership that will unlock it’s potential across sectors through equity, Equality, Justice, Inclusivity & representation so as to bring Prosperity for all.

This was evident yesterday as Khelela village and their son Hon. Jack Wamboka hosted thousands of locals from across the 7 wards.

“For years, I have been seeking an opportunity to represent you the great people of Bumula, your unwavering support has been my motivation. I have moved across Bumula, touched lives through education, housing, health, Empowerments & listened to people’s views, I am convinced we shall deliver more. Today i stand before you to humbly seek your support so that we can deliver my vision for Bumula, please walk with me.” Said Wamboka.

Thousands of residents stood up in applause as the religious leaders said a prayer for their son, Bayaya elders gave him the blessings and the family handed him over to the people of Bumula. The journey for a better Bumula for all has started.

Wamboka who is seeking the seat on DAP-K ticket has gained support based on his campaign pillars that he has run across the constituency. Today, his clan and residents endorsed his bid and promised to rally more to vote him in.

“All leaders are chosen by God and everyone has his time, thus is definitely the moment for Jack Wamboka, I commit him before God and you people so that you can hold him, walk with him and win together. Because he has chosen to walk in God’s name, God will reward him with victory. “Said the bishop.

On their part, his parents Mzee Wamboka and Mayi Nekesa thanked Bumula people for embracing their son, they urged them to take good care of him, support him and bring victory to Khelela. “Tembea na yeye na tupate ushindi ili tubadilishe Bumula.” Said Mzee Wamboka.

This marked the official start of his August elections campaigns even as he awaits the IEBC dates.


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