Return The Shamba System In Mt Elgon Constituency, Lusaka Urges


GovernmentSenate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka has urged the government to reintroduce the shamba system to Kenyan forests.

Speaking in Mt. Elgon which has one of the largest forests in the country ,Lusaka said the system ensured food security even as residents helped in maintaining government forests.

He said most of the area residents livelihood depended on  growing crops in the forests but since the ban they couldn’t afford food.

“The system was not bad in totality it provided opportunities for residents to ensure they conserve the forests ,” said Lusaka.

The shamba system took effect in Kenya1987 but was later banned in the year  2000 because of high rates of degradation of government forests.

Lusaka at the same time stepped up his campaigns for the Bungoma gubernatorial seat where he accused the current county regime for neglecting the region.

“Let them show us one project they have carried out in Mt.Elgon ,it is unfair to discriminate a region because it didn’t vote for you,” Said Lusaka.

He said while governor he built the first tarmac ever in Mt.Elgon.

The Senate Speaker promised to use county funds to pay teachers who were working on school boards

“While they play a crucial role most of them are not paid anything due to constraints being experienced in schools, my government will ensure that they come in and support schools,” he said.

He further promised to better the county schorlaship by ensuring it is even given to average students.

” We can’t discriminate the average students who knows those who perform lowly at primary can be great performers at secondary school level ,” said Lusaka.

He further said he will re introduce the youth and women empowerment programs where youths and women were given loans to start small business.

“When I was governor ,I gave loans to youths and women but this regime came and scrapped ,I promise to return when I come back ,”Said Lusaka.

Lusaka is squaring it out with incumbent Wycliffe Wangamati .


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